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Top 7 Ocean Shipping FreightTech Trends in 2021
BlueX TradeBlogDec 18, 2020
2020 was the year the world held its collective breath for an end to COVID-19. For those of us in ocean freight and logistics, we’ve seen the market dramatically drop and regain its footing. 2020 in many ways, was an unprecedented year that will continue to affect ocean freight and logistics well into the rest […]
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The BlueX API - Ocean Carrier Customers Can Now Access Their Shipping Data via Modern APIs
BlueX TradeBlogNov 27, 2020
Successful ocean shipping starts with accurate and up-to-date ocean carrier data. It has been difficult to get this data via API directly from carriers. This is important to many shippers who want to access this data through third-party TMS (Transport Management System) solutions or share data with a third-party logistics provider (i.e., customs, cargo insurance). […]
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BlueX’s Freight Commerce Platform: The Ocean Carriers' Winning Formula for Digital Revenue Creation
BlueX TradeBlogNov 09, 2020
The last several years have seen dramatic variability in demand within the ocean container industry. Whether it be trade-wars or global demand shocks due to Covid-19, this variability has created an opportunity for carriers that can more efficiently match supply and demand.
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Ocean Carriers Continue to be Targets of Cyberattacks - How Prepared is Your System?
BlueX TradeBlogOct 21, 2020
In June 2017, Maersk lost an astonishing $300 million after falling victim to history’s largest cyberattack. Originating in Ukraine and spreading globally, the NonPetya ransomware attack was potentially devastating. Incredibly, Maersk acted fast enough to set up 4,000 servers and 45,000 PCs in ten days, and ended the attack with an executive stating that this […]
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How to Enhance Ocean Carrier Revenue Management with Dynamic Pricing
BlueX TradeBlogSep 09, 2020
Dynamic pricing is the next evolutionary step for ocean carriers to increase profitability. As a FreighTech tool, dynamic pricing is part of a series of digitally innovative technologies reshaping the shipping industry landscape. Maersk’s Q2 results showcased their online spot platform (with dynamic pricing) as an effective tool to enhance revenue management. This tool accounted […]
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