Door-to-Door Financing
Unlock 90 days of cash flow.
Scale your business.

Scale Your Business with Extra Funds

Speedy approval in <span style="font-family:Lato800;font-size:1.25rem">48</span> hours

Speedy approval in 48 hours

<span style="font-family:Lato800;font-size:1.25rem">90-day</span> cash flow gap coverage

90-day cash flow gap coverage

Turn your invoices into cash

Turn your invoices into cash

Cover Cash Flow for 90 Days 
Get Cash While You Wait
  • Supplier
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    You Place a PO to your Supplier
    You get advanced cash from BlueX 90 days before your customers pay you
  • 30
    Goods are Loaded and Shipped
  • 60
    Goods are Shipped and Customer is Invoiced
  • 90
    Your Customer Pays the Invoice
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