Why BlueX

Member-only Pricing

Best Rates

Get up to 40% off industry Tier 1 rates

Secured spacing on a freighter

Priority Space

100% of our priority bookings
get onto the ship

Faster Bookings

Fast Digital Bookings

Bookings confirmed in minutes
rather than days

How It Works

How BlueX Works
BlueX helps with shipper logistics

Shippers (Buyers)

Fill in your origin and destination ports. Filter by transit time and container size.
Get rates immediately.

BlueX Benefits for better quotes, rates, and space.


Our technology ensures your transactions happen seamlessly.

BlueX rates and space create more customers

Space Providers (Sellers)

Sync your routes and rates with our system. Decide which buyers get to see your rates.

We Tech-Enable the Network

We’re digitally connected to the largest carriers in the world so bookings can happen digitally end-to-end.

Why Buy with BlueX

For Freight Forwarders & Enterprise Shippers

Best Rates and Secured Space

Best Rates
and Secured Space

Search the largest network of exclusive, competitive rates and priority space
One-Stop Solution to Search All Your Rates

One-Stop Solution
to Search All Your Rates

No need to sort through rate sheets - our dashboard features all of your rates with thousands of routes
Hedge Your Cargo Buying in All Seasons

Hedge Your Cargo Buying in All Seasons

Whether it is peak or non-peak season, you’ll find the most comprehensive network to buy space across multiple carriers

Why Sell with BlueX

For Space Providers
NVOCCs, Carriers, Shipper Associations

Reach More Customers

Reach More Customers

Upload your rates and let us do the work for you, no need to invest in new infrastructure

Gain Valuable Insights

Gain Valuable Insights

Better serve your customers with access to online transaction data

Your Own Private Freight Selling Network

Your Own Private Freight Selling Network

Sell with your trusted partners 24/7

Why Our Customers Love BlueX

“BlueX enables my business with the same prices and priority as the largest shippers…game-changing.”

Fred Weill, President, Amerlink Paper

“BlueX gave me competitive shipping rates and space guarantees that my largest competitors could get. I was also able to work with my existing freight forwarder, so I didn’t need to change any of my business processes.”

Cathy Chai, VP, Artisan Hardwood Flooring

“BlueX tech-enables our shipping association so our members can leverage our services with ease.”

Louis Lin, VP of Operation, Blue Ocean

“After seeing BlueX, it was clear that our offers would have to be available on the platform as soon as possible. It only took days from concept to first booking.”

Clive Wu, Sherry’s Shippers Association

Partner with BlueX

Are you a logistics or space provider interested in partnering with us? Get in touch with our team.