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  • The difference between CAF and BAF
    Jan 28, 2020

    What are the Differences Between BAF and CAF?

    Are you still trying to figure out what the difference between BAF and CAF surcharges is? We’re here to help. Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) surcharges both affect ocean freight rates, but for two entirely different reasons. What is the Difference Between CAF and BAF? CAF deals with rate adjustments due […]

  • Calculating CAF
    Jan 21, 2020

    What is a Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) Surcharge?

    The Currency Adjustment Factor is a surcharge that carriers charge NVOCCs, freight forwarders or shippers as a way to offset any current or potential changes to currency fluctuations that may change freight rates. In short, they are a way for carriers to hedge their risks against exchange rates. Just like BAF, these surcharges could have […]

What Customers Say About BlueX

BlueX enables my business with the same prices and priority as the largest shippers…game-changing.

Fred Weill

President, Amerlink Paper
BlueX gave me competitive shipping rates and space guarantees that my largest competitors could get. I was able to work with my existing freight forwarder, so I didn't need to change any of my existing business processes.

Cathy Chai

VP, Artisan Hardwood Flooring
BlueX’s platform provides us with multiple options to choose the best rates and space amongst some of the top carriers without needing our own service contract. The easy to use platform allows us to monitor our bookings and provides a great support team to manage any issues.

Devin Burke

CEO/Owner, Universal Cargo Management, Inc.
We have gotten space through BlueX that my agents were unable to secure at a better rate. It's been a great tool to manage the competitiveness of our own rates, giving us the choice to select the best options for our customers.

Tyrone Wang

General Manager, Quartz Logistics Inc.
I came away from the BlueX conference with a new technology and business approach that made a huge difference to my company.

Ginette Fan

CEO, TRL, Inc.


If you are a logistics provider, or a carrier interested in partnering with BlueX, please drop us a note.