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A Better Way to Get Paid
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Fast, Trackable Payments Direct to Your Account
Create and send invoices with just a few clicks. Give your customers an easy way to send funds from their BlueX Pay Wallet to yours—most payments arrive on the same day.
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All Your Payments in One Place
Get one streamlined dashboard and wallet for your whole company. Local offices get paid in their preferred currency and their transactions appear in your BlueX Pay dashboard for easy reconciliation.
Attractive Payment Options
Offer worldwide payers a fast, simple & low-cost way to pay.
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Get Paid Faster
Wallet-to-wallet payments arrive in one day & are processed instantly.
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Simplify Reconciliation
A streamlined transaction record saves time & effort.
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Keep More of What You Earn
Competitive FX rates and payments to countries around the world mean you can move funds wherever you need them to run your business.
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Trusted Security
Enterprise-level security and encryption safeguard your data and the integrity of your transactions.
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Powerful APIs (Coming Soon)
Modern APIs allow seamless integrations with your internal third-party systems. View our API for more technical information.
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