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How Freight Fintech will Change Global Logistics for SMEs in 2022
BlueXMar 31, 2023
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at a significant disadvantage when facing the logistics challenges of 2022. As SMEs become increasingly dependent on international trade, they in turn become far more vulnerable to disruptions in the current global freight environment. The rise in trade volatility is requiring SMEs to figure out how to adapt.
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How AI Will Transform Trade Finance
Sean O'MalleyMar 28, 2023
The use of AI in trade finance has the potential to revolutionize the industry, especially the AI GPT models. By automating many of the processes involved in trade finance, businesses can reduce costs and improve efficiency. As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions emerge in several aspects.
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How accounts receivable factoring can enhance your small business’s cash flow
BlueXMar 20, 2023
Waiting for payments can be challenging, especially if your business is growing quickly and you have inventories sitting in your warehouse. This article will walk you through how A/R factoring works, the different kinds available, and which businesses are most likely to benefit from this approach.
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Small businesses can improve cash flow in 2023 using these approaches
BlueXFeb 21, 2023
Being financially agile and open to new technology can help businesses not just sustain their cash flow, but also enhance it. There are several practical and technological methods that companies can adopt to maintain a healthy working capital. For example, BlueX can assist with inventory financing. Unlike other lenders, BlueX doesn't require an assessment of the inventory's liquidation value or a minimum amount to access financing. Additionally, BlueX offers a third alternative to small businesses with its B2B Pay-it-Later solution, providing fast access to up to $1 million for cargo and logistics service needs. Businesses can get approved in less than 48 hours and have up to 60 days to pay back their invoices, with no application or setup fees. BlueX also pays vendors on time, allowing businesses to focus on growth instead of worrying about cash flow.
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[White Paper] How Fintech Can Help Small Businesses Navigate Rising Inflation & Interest Rates
BlueXFeb 08, 2023
In 2022, the costs of inflation and rising interest rates along with the labor shortages weighed down small businesses in every area. As a fintech company dedicated to developing alternative financing options for small businesses, BlueX has built payment platforms and Pay-it-Later solutions specifically for the kind of hurdles you may be facing at this moment. BlueX Pay offers an all-in-one platform designed for growing businesses who want healthier cash flows. BlueX Pay-it-Later offers fast access to up to $1 million for your cargo and all your logistic service needs. You can get approved in less than 48 hours, and have up to 60 days to pay back your invoices. With no application or set up fees, we pay your vendors on time so you can pay later and focus on the goals that drive business growth.
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