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Top 5 Global Shipping Trends for Ocean Freight in 2020
BlueX TradeFeb 25, 2020
The world of shipping was sluggish in 2019, and 2020 was hoped by many to be more optimistic. However, this optimism for stability and growth has been reevaluated by many with issues such as the coronavirus, IMO 2020, and the continuing China-US trade war. Our expectations for the global shipping trends in 2020 have changed, […]
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9 Benefits for Shippers Using GreenX
BlueX TradeFeb 17, 2020
GreenX is Evergreen Line’s digital push to provide integrated logistics that are powered through a partnership with BlueX. By providing a digital marketplace to Evergreen Line through GreenX, our focus is to provide shippers the ability to easily digitally search for quotes and routes and book within minutes directly with Evergreen Line. But what does […]
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9 Ocean Freight Cost-saving Strategies
BlueX PayFeb 10, 2020
Cost-saving strategies are never far off anyone’s mind in the freight industry these days. From shippers to factories, margins are getting harder to maintain. Operational waste in shipping is sometimes just a reality of doing business, but there are effective strategies to reduce the misallocation of time and money to maximize your profits better. Here […]
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What are the Differences Between BAF and CAF?
BlueX TradeJan 27, 2020
Are you still trying to figure out what the difference between BAF and CAF surcharges is? We’re here to help. Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) surcharges both affect ocean freight rates, but for two entirely different reasons. What is the Difference Between CAF and BAF? CAF deals with rate adjustments due […]
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What is a Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) Surcharge?
BlueX TradeJan 20, 2020
The Currency Adjustment Factor is a surcharge that carriers charge NVOCCs, freight forwarders or shippers as a way to offset any current or potential changes to currency fluctuations that may change freight rates. In short, they are a way for carriers to hedge their risks against exchange rates. Just like BAF, these surcharges could have […]
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