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Why Buying Beats Building for Ocean Freight Dynamic Pricing
BlueX TradeJul 05, 2021
Ocean carriers who wish to implement dynamic pricing software have seen the future. Historic levels of demand, volatility, and global interconnectedness have created an ocean freight tightrope act—one that hard-to-predict supply chain hiccups stand ready to topple. With no slowdown on the horizon, it’s safe to say ocean freight shipping has entered a new era. […]
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Ocean Carriers Investing in Dynamic Pricing in 2021 Will See Record Income
BlueX TradeApr 14, 2021
Enterprises in logistics and freight rely heavily on their sales reacting to market forces to manually set ocean freight pricing. This is rapidly changing as market volatility has required sales teams to figure out how to react faster, so as to not leave revenues on the table. In an ever-growing digitally-savvy industry, existing pricing strategies […]
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8 Ways Freight Forwarders Can Improve Sales in 2021
BlueX PayMar 12, 2021
Competing as a freight forwarder relies on competitive differentiation. Some freight forwarders work in niches, while others offer value-added services to distinguish their services. However, despite all this, the trappings of servicing customers in a deeply commoditized market is a struggle for freight forwarders trying to acquire new customers. Last year, we wrote about how […]
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Why BlueX is Standardizing APIs for Ocean Freight
BlueX TradeFeb 17, 2021
As an ocean freighTech company, we at BlueX recently released our open-source API to ocean applications from freight enterprises. Since December 2020, Catapult, Powered by Magaya, and Portrix Logistics Software partnered with BlueX to enhance their operations via our API. However, many freight enterprises have yet to realize their full digital potential and what can […]
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The 4 Biggest Challenges Faced by Freight Forwarders in 2021
BlueX TradeFeb 10, 2021
If we summarize 2020 into one word, it would be COVID, and the challenges left over from 2020 are likely to still affect your freight forwarder enterprise into 2021. However, 2021 offers freight forwarders a unique opportunity to digitally transform to distinguish themselves in a market saturated by commoditized offerings. With freight demand skyrocketing and […]
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