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BlueX Launches Industry first B2B Payment and Checkout Solution for the Global Supply Chain
BlueX PayJan 26, 2022
January 26th, 2022 – BlueX Trade has announced the launch of BlueX Pay, a digital B2B payment and checkout platform that allows supply chain payers and vendors to make and receive payments online, easily, and globally. As an experienced leader in digitizing supply chain logistics, BlueX Trade has seen first-hand how the enormous friction in B2B payments […]
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The Real Costs of International Freight Payment Methods
BlueX PayDec 16, 2021
How much does it cost to pay an international freight invoice? If you’re not sure—or your figure doesn’t truly represent the entire accounts payable (AP) cost—you may be missing opportunities to save. In May 2018, the maritime research and consulting firm Drewry estimated that inefficiencies in payment processing […]
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BlueX Pay Response to Apache Log4j Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228
BlueX PayDec 15, 2021
Issues regarding Apache log4j (log4j) vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 were brought to our attention at BlueX Pay. Our system was not vulnerable to this issue. However, we still performed our due diligence regardless, as outlined below […]
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10 Proven Ways To Save On Ocean Freight
BlueX PayNov 30, 2021
In the world of shipping, time is money, especially now. Freight costs are soaring. Shipping is moving along at a crawl in some markets. And the current state of things seems most likely a surge, not a blip. ING does not see the situation improving significantly until 2023, when a major increase in ocean freight […]
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4 Misconceptions About Building Dynamic Pricing Software In-House
BlueX PayAug 02, 2021
Logistics industry experts and outside analysts have been urging ocean carriers to modernize their pricing methods for years. Then came 2020. The barrage of impactful events that rocked ocean shipping that year demonstrated that business as usual is no longer a viable option. The speed with which global happenings can transform shipping dynamics—rendering good deals […]
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