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What is FreightTech?
BlueX TradeApr 07, 2020
FreightTech is revolutionizing how we ship ocean freight. While the freight industry has been slow to adopt technology to streamline shipping, the last few years have seen an explosion of tech in freight. The FreightTech term includes digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, dynamic pricing, predictive analytics, and many others, which are changing the […]
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GreenX’s New Express Pick-up Service in Los Angeles
BlueX TradeMar 25, 2020
GreenX, Evergreen Line’s online booking platform powered by BlueX, will now have a new Express Pick-up Service in LAX. As industry experts, we understand the need for space guarantees, priority discharging, and other services that create a seamless shipping experience. Express Pick-up Services in Los Angeles This express service offers a dynamic approach to expediting […]
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What is the BlueX Shipper Ambassador Program?
BlueX TradeMar 19, 2020
Changing freight starts at the top with carriers. For shippers, we understand how difficult it is for you to voice your experiences and needs to carriers when it comes to improving processes for international shipping. You probably feel like passengers that are unable to drive any change. By establishing the Freight Commerce Platform (FCP), BlueX […]
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Obstacles and Solutions for Digital Documents in Ocean Shipping
BlueX TradeMar 10, 2020
Digitalization in ocean shipping is revolutionizing how we move cargo. From increasing shareholder value to reducing the time needed to ship freight between importers and exporters internationally, we at BlueX understand the value of digital transformation. The issue of electronic documents in the ocean shipping industry is something we at BlueX have always aimed to […]
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How to Book Ocean Freight on GreenX
BlueX TradeMar 03, 2020
An integral part of the BlueX Freight Commerce Platform is giving customers the tools to effectively make bookings through a digital platform, such as GreenX. Far from being a standalone feature, our instant quotes and fast digital bookings are the first steps in offering an array of services that digitally enable customers to book effectively […]
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