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What is Global Supply Chain Risk Management?
BlueX TradeMay 06, 2020
2020 signaled a fundamental shift in how we manage global supply chains. From IMO 2020 to COVID-19, these risks and crises showcase the need to understand what global supply chain risks are, how to identify these risks, and how to create resilient global supply chains. Defining Global Supply Chain Risk Management Global supply chain management […]
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Overcoming COVID-19 with the BlueX Standard
BlueX TradeApr 21, 2020
With supply chains being upended, and the world in lockdown, COVID-19 is presenting some major challenges for businesses. Ocean freight has not been exempt from the COVID-19 threat either, with carriers feeling the full brunt of the lack of demand in the first half of 2020. While it’s hard to say when we will all […]
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The Growing Importance of the Demand Chain in Ocean Shipping
BlueX TradeApr 15, 2020
The demand chain is a vital component of modernization in the shipping industry. Carriers need to create effective upstream communications through demand chains to learn more about customer expectations and match shipper, BCO, and freight forwarder needs with FreighTech and new services. However, you might still be wondering, what is a demand chain in the […]
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What is FreightTech?
BlueX TradeApr 07, 2020
FreightTech is revolutionizing how we ship ocean freight. While the freight industry has been slow to adopt technology to streamline shipping, the last few years have seen an explosion of tech in freight. The FreightTech term includes digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, dynamic pricing, predictive analytics, and many others, which are changing the […]
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GreenX’s New Express Pick-up Service in Los Angeles
BlueX TradeMar 25, 2020
GreenX, Evergreen Line’s online booking platform powered by BlueX, will now have a new Express Pick-up Service in LAX. As industry experts, we understand the need for space guarantees, priority discharging, and other services that create a seamless shipping experience. Express Pick-up Services in Los Angeles This express service offers a dynamic approach to expediting […]
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