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Digitalized Carriers Driving 2X Better Shareholder Value
BlueX TradeJan 02, 2020
With an estimated $45 billion of market cap value not being captured by most ocean carriers due to a lack of digital transformation, it makes sense to start your digitalization now. We at BlueX created the market-leading Freight Commerce Platform (FCP) to enable carriers to monetize their container shipments better than any distribution channel in […]
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Why Digital Transformation Matters in the Shipping Industry
BlueX TradeDec 24, 2019
Digital transformation is reinvigorating the shipping industry through new technological applications to streamline operations, customer experiences, and efficiency. In shipping, digital platforms, real-time tracking data, big data, IoT, blockchain, and online 3PL integrations are leading the way to disrupt and redefine this legacy industry. But why is the digitalization of freight only happening now? With […]
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6 Tips on How to Find and Choose a Freight Forwarder
BlueX PayDec 18, 2019
From pain points to the nuances of your shipments, freight forwarders are in the industry of being the middle-men that can either make your business run smoothly or halt it to a standstill. It’s no wonder that choosing a forwarder can feel like a daunting task, and that’s why we’re here to help. What is […]
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What are GRI Shipping Increases?
BlueX TradeDec 09, 2019
General Rate Increases are base rates adjustments that are enacted by ocean carriers. These adjustments lead to higher ocean freight rates for shippers. As simple as that sounds, there are a lot of nuances to understand when it comes to this type of rate adjustment. We’re here to help you understand what is a General […]
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What are Ocean Freight Peak Season Surcharges (PSS)?
BlueX TradeDec 02, 2019
Figuring out the best time to ship goods can feel like a gamble. Sometimes you find cheap rates with great space, while other times, you’re struggling to find acceptable rates. We’re here to help you to understand what are peak season surcharges, with tips and some advice on how best to navigate these rate adjustments. […]
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