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5 Disruptive Technology Trends in the Freight Industry
BlueX PayBlogNov 11, 2019
Players in the shipping industry that are not constantly updating their businesses with technological innovation will not last for very long. In the freight industry, the need for innovation is only further compounded after decades of stagnation. Shipping one container internationally can still require 30 people with 200 interactions. For buyers and sellers in the […]
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Digitalizing the Shipping Industry with Disruptive Innovation
BlueX TradeBlogNov 04, 2019
Digitalization in the shipping industry is a form of disruptive innovation that is changing business models and creating an opportunity for existing and new players in the world of freight. By utilizing digital solutions or creating your own digital strategy, there are plenty of opportunities to remain competitive and start breaking into new markets. But […]
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Digitalizing Freight to Navigate the China-US Trade War
BlueX TradeBlogOct 28, 2019
Trade wars are nothing new. From the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in 1930 to the latest trade dispute between Japan and South Korea in 2019, protectionism is always a looming threat to international trade. The China-US trade war is causing undue stress to the freight industry, which is already undergoing structural upheavals. From carriers worrying about […]
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The BlueX Freight Commerce Platform - How Logistics Should Work
BlueX TradeBlogOct 21, 2019
BlueX is a FreightTech platform that is spearheading the world’s first Freight Commerce Platform. By digitally connecting buyers and sellers, we developed a neutral platform to allow shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers to make ocean logistics and transportation more accessible and manageable. But that is not all. Not by a long-shot. We are also working […]
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BlueX Webinar: Navigating the China-US Trade War with Digitalization
BlueX TradeWebinarOct 05, 2019
With further tariffs being issued by China and the United States, it is essential now, more than ever, to understand what solutions there are to offset the strain caused by increasing prices of goods and shipping costs. One solution we know a lot about is digitalization. Far from being just another buzzword, this disruptive element […]
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