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We Believe All Shippers Matter

As entrepreneurs with experience in the shipping industry we saw how small and medium size shippers were being underserved. So, we started BlueX with the vision of powering the tools and services to make our customers shipping competitive. We tech-enable shippers with cutting edge technology and aggregate their buying power so they can get the same experience and pricing as the largest shippers in the world.

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We Believe In
Bringing Shippers Peace Of Mind

The shipping industry has yet to fully digitize which has caused enormous inefficiencies and a void in the transparency and visibility that is necessary to compete in today’s markets. To solve the problem, we set about transforming the experience from the ground up. So, we began our unique journey by first integrating with carriers digitally so the booking experience could be radically streamlined.

We Believe In Being A Technology Ally To The Industry Ecosystem

As industry veterans, we understand that it takes a strong ecosystem to deliver on shippers needs for efficiency, accountability, flexibility and control. Technology is the glue that can bring all of these together. But, it’s not just about technology. As an ally to the shipping ecosystem we are already bringing innovative solutions to make our customers shipping competitive.

We Believe Every Shipment Matters

We’re more than just technology, we’re made up of innovators committed to our partners and the shippers that we serve. To us, every cargo shipment matters!

Sean O’Malley

Lance Lin
Head of Sales & BD

Kevin Chung
Head of Engineering

Johnson Chang
Head of BD/Asia

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