Connecting Global B2B Trade Online
We Enable Supply Chain Players to Book and Pay for Cargo Online
By combining our expertise of shipping with the tech-savviness of Silicon Valley, we built the first ocean freight e-Commerce platforms for carriers and freight forwarders wanting to bring their trade online. We began by digitizing ocean carrier spot markets, providing rate, schedule, and inventory, as well as booking capabilities. We also built a dynamic pricing platform to enable carriers to price inventory intelligently – by leveraging AI. But we didn’t stop there. We heard from customers that one of the biggest pain points of shipping goods is the ability to pay carriers online, so that cargo can be released quickly. That’s one of the reasons why we developed BlueX Pay, a B2B digital payments platform that allows freight sellers to get paid by shippers online, globally, in the currency of their choice. We also heard from shippers and vendors that they needed financing solutions to provide more time to pay their freight, so we created Pay-It-Later. We are building BlueX to power global B2B trade online for supply chains –empowering businesses to thrive on one of the most innovative, reliable, and secure platforms. Let’s move global trade forward with BlueX.
Our Leadership
Sean O’Malley
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Lance Lin
Head of BD/Sales
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Vivian Chiang
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Kevin Chung
Head of Engineering
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John Fang
VP of Finance
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Enable your Shippers with a World-Class Digital Spot Market and Booking Platform
We’re giving carriers and freight forwarders the e-commerce tools they need to give customers a world-class digital experience. Shippers can search for rates and book their container shipments through a white-label solution or use our API integrations that connect directly to the top ten carriers in the world.
Send Faster Global Logistics Payments & Pay for it Later
BlueX Pay makes it easy for shippers to pay for transporting their cargo through a digital wallet, to vendors all around the world. With a borderless payments wallet, shippers can pay anyone on the network in minutes. Also, get better cash flow management when you can pay for your shipping costs later with our BlueX Pay-it-Later solution.