BlueX Pay v2.0 [2024/01/03]
Updated Date: Jan 03, 2024
New Features

[New Features]

  • Payer and Vendor services are integrated and can be accessed from the same account
  • Users can keep track of each product’s information in the brand-new dashboard
  • Users are now required to register with their business information before activating any BlueX Pay products
  • Users will be able to operate multiple accounts using the same email
Tech/Product Enhancements
  • Sign-up has been revamped to allow faster access to the BlueX Pay platform
  • User permissions have been adjusted to reflect the combination of payer and vendor services
  • The navigation bar has been revamped
  • Wallet balance has been moved from receiving accounts to the payout transaction list
  • Descriptions are added to each page for better understanding
Bug Fixes