Why BlueX is Standardizing APIs for Ocean Freight
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Created on Jan 10, 2023
Updated on Feb 17, 2021

As an ocean freighTech company, we at BlueX recently released our open-source API to ocean applications from freight enterprises. Since December 2020, Catapult, Powered by Magaya, and Portrix Logistics Software partnered with BlueX to enhance their operations via our API. However, many freight enterprises have yet to realize their full digital potential and what can be achieved by standardizing APIs for ocean freight.

There is a lot of confusion caused by a lack of transparency in today’s market, causing the loss of billions of dollars. Transparency around ocean freight rates and data would greatly benefit all interested parties involved.

This post will look into why we at BlueX are standardizing APIs, focusing on automation, transparency, and generating greater revenues.

Promoting Ocean Freight Synergy via Standardized APIs

APIs are the integrators that connect enterprises in ocean freight, and this is being achieved by standardizing interfaces between various systems that are unable to exchange data effectively.

It might sound optimistic that APIs can solve the lack of interconnectivity in ocean freight, but it’s part of the new digital reality that’s sweeping across ocean freight. Ocean carriers are beginning to realize that they need to compete as freighTech-enabled enterprises, with a special emphasis on the “tech.”

E-commerce retailers, TMS providers, freight forwarders, and shippers are also beginning to realize the importance of standardized APIs. By utilizing the BlueX API, everyone in ocean freight can synergize their operations and share in the following benefits:

  • Reducing wasted time and costs through automation
  • Direct and transparent data from ocean carriers
  • Increasing revenues with real-time data

Reducing Unnecessary Tasks with Automation

When it comes to freight, working smart is more important than simply working hard. By digitally enabling internal operations and customer experiences with APIs, everyone in ocean freight can reduce unnecessary manual work and enhance their current systems to operate more efficiently. Automation via API integration can:

  • Reduce human error
  • Offer a consistent service
  • Prevent time-consuming tasks
  • Automate workflows for efficiency

With big data and better analytical tools that are connected between all parties via API integrations, BlueX is facilitating a neutral and transparent ocean freight ecosystem with shippers, freight forwarders, NVOs, and ocean carriers reaping the benefits.

Creating Greater Transparency Across the Industry

API integration along the ocean freight supply chain opens up access to data. While freight forwarders in the past could gain access to aggregated ocean carrier data through third-parties, such data wasn’t always the most accurate, and contract rates weren’t always available. This all changes with the BlueX modern API.

The BlueX API provides ocean carriers’ customers a gateway to connect with the carrier and other third-parties. Incompatible systems can then share and access data unhindered. Some of this data and information includes:

  • Spot rate data
  • Space data
  • Schedule data
  • Tracking data

Such access to transparent data, with online booking systems interfaces, along with the high level of automation, can enhance channels of revenues for ocean carriers and give customers a significantly streamlined experience to boost their freight procurement.

Enhanced Channels of Revenues via Standardization

BlueX is part of ocean carriers’ winning formulas to generate greater revenue, and a key component to that is standardizing ocean freight APIs for all.


BlueX APIs are the glue that enables ocean carriers to connect their spot and contract rate data directly to customers. Without standardized APIs like ours, ocean carriers, NVOs, freight forwarders, and shippers cannot create a unified ecosystem to share transparent data for more significant revenues and operational efficiency.

Benefits for Ocean Carriers

Through the BlueX White-label E-commerce solution, ocean carriers gain access to a digital portal to offer customers an online booking platform that enables them to search for freight options. This booking platform is further boosted with our AI-driven Dynamic Pricing and Asset Allocation tool that matches ocean carrier container supply with customer demand to maximize revenue.

A major part of facilitating the booking process and our AI tools with business analytics revolves around our API, which will unify all parties involved in freight procurement through standardization.

Benefits for Shippers and Freight Forwarders

With BlueX APIs, shippers and freight forwarders get access to the most transparent and up-to-date rate, container, schedule, and space data directly from our affiliated ocean carriers electronically.

By reducing the time it takes to get quotes, book, and track with real-time data, shippers and freight forwarders can automate their freight procurement and generate greater revenue.

Request Access to the BlueX API Now

Be part of the new generation of ocean freight enterprises signing up to use our standardized API. Access multiple ocean carrier data through a single API that can easily integrate into your existing system.

How to Get Started on the BlueX API

Get started on the BlueX API with the following four steps:

  1. Apply for a BlueX API account
  2. Get the API key
  3. Review the BlueX API Key
  4. Review all onboarding information
  5. Test your BlueX API integration
  6. Get access to tokens for your partners and customers

With so much interest in our APIs, we’d recommend you get in touch with our team soon. For any clarification or questions regarding how to get started, you can contact us by emailing