Tips to Sustain Your Small Business in 2024
Created on Dec 15, 2023
Updated on Dec 15, 2023

2023 is coming to an end. It has been a difficult year for small business operations, as many business owners have been confronted with a variety of challenges. Understanding these obstacles and employing strategic approaches to overcome them is crucial for sustainability and growth. Let’s look back on some of the problems encountered this year.

5 Major Challenges Small Businesses Face in 2023

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, this year small businesses faced five critical issues. These challenges reflect the complex environment in which small businesses operate, particularly amid global economic shifts.

  1. Inflation: Affecting nearly 80% of small businesses, inflation has led to increased expenses and eroded profit margins.
  2. Access to Credit: More than three-quarters of small business owners are concerned about access to capital, a shift from last year’s confidence.
  3. Rising Interest Rates: Affecting the ability to raise capital, with 50% of businesses delaying growth plans.
  4. Hiring and Employee Retention: Over half of small businesses struggle with meeting salary expectations and filling job openings.
  5. Supply Chain Disruptions: This continues to be a challenge for 23% of small businesses.

The good news is that, as the Federal Reserve signals a potential reduction in interest rates, there’s an observed increase in the approval rates for business loans. However, for small businesses to survive and sustain growth, much needs to be done to ensure they can protect their companies during uncertain times. In addition to some of the tips we shared in the past, below are some insights for small businesses to keep their growth in 2024.

Invest in Your Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in your marketing. By building brand awareness, trust, and customer loyalty, you will help your business secure more customers and boost sales. Consider these strategies from the BOSS magazine:

  • Drive brand awareness: depending on the type of your business, you can leverage social media for content curation and advertising, engage in PR activities to promote your product or service, participate in local markets and events, and collaborate with influencers to extend your reach.

  • Build trust and credibility: Building trust and loyalty through consistent fulfillment of your brand promise is essential for sustained success. Ways to establish credibility include effective communication with your audience, incorporating their feedback, offering reliable customer support, providing high-quality products and services, and actively engaging with customers on social media platforms or any other channels.

  • Foster customer loyalty: Consider introducing a loyalty program to reward and encourage devoted customers and hosting special events for them. Personalized interactions, such as using customers' names or tailoring products to their likes, are key. Establishing a VIP or tier-based loyalty program can recognize and incentivize your most loyal customers. Aligning with social causes that match your brand's values can also strengthen loyalty, contributing to long-term business growth.

Use BlueX for Effective Invoice Collection Strategies

An article in Forbes suggests some methods to manage and collect invoices efficiently:

  1. Provide flexible payment options.
  2. Incentivize early and automated payments.
  3. Offer extended payment deadlines.
  4. Maintain communication with clients, especially non-paying ones.
  5. Implement late fees and penalties.
  6. Seek legal advice for persistent non-payment.
  7. Use collection services as a last resort.

These strategies will help ensure timely payments and maintain cash flow, and this is also where BlueX can help. BlueX’s flexible financing solutions can help you manage your cash flow without worrying about customer payments. You can use BlueX to offer your customer extended terms for free, or simply get advanced cash and let BlueX collect funds from your customers. Use these benefits as additional selling points to market your business.

BlueX solutions:

  • BlueX Door-to-Door Financing: covers a business’s cash flow gap for up to 90 days
  • BlueX Pay-it-Later: we pay the vendor on the customer’s behalf, so they can pay later
  • BlueX Get-Paid-Faster: get 80% of receivables in advance

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Navigating the challenges of inflation, access to credit, interest rates, employee retention, and supply chain disruptions is paramount for small businesses. Combined with robust branding and marketing strategies, you can leverage effective methods and tools to help you ameliorate your invoice collection and cash flow management. This can make a great difference in sustaining and growing a small business in today’s competitive market. As we move into 2024, we’ll be sharing more tips and insights for your business's continued success.