Release Note 20190411-01

Release Note 20190411-01

Date: 2019/04/11
Version: Production 20190411-01


● On boarding for BCO client in freight forwarder portal. (If interested in pilot testing, please contact your sales representative)


● Revise name and address limitations in shipping instruction EDI for HMM. (#2231)
● Add booking agent reference no. in booking portal. (#2177)
● Add S/O number info in shipping instruction EDI for Wan Hai. (#1978)
● Prohibit to enter space character in booking no. field in SI. (#1945)


● Filter will keep previous condition when amend other order in SA portal. (#2218)
● Export pre-bookings to excel not working in booking portal. (#2211)
● Fields won’t change to red when mandatory fields without data in freight forwarder portal. (#2128)
● Lack of admin control function when user role is admin. (#2118)
● Filter won’t keep the conditions when user back to the previous page in freight forwarder and SA portal. (#21111)
● Copy and paste company name with line break issue in SI. (#1946)
● Lack of default unit of tare weight when selected method 2 measurement in VGM. (#1944)