Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarders

BlueX gives forwarders the ability to search, compare and book ocean cargo capacity with live spot and flat rates in minutes. No matter the forwarder size, BlueX significantly improves the important job of booking ocean freight.

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Why Our Customers Love BlueX

“BlueX enables my business with the same prices and priority as the largest shippers…game-changing.”

Fred Weill, President, Amerlink Paper President, Amerlink Paper

“BlueX has brought me similar shipping prices and the types of space guarantees that my largest competitors get. I also work with my existing freight forwarder so I don’t have to change any of my business processes.”

Cathy Chai, VP, Artisan Hardwood Flooring

“BlueX tech-enables our shipping association so our members can leverage our services with ease.”

Louis Lin, VP of Operation, Blue Ocean

“After seeing BlueX, it was clear that our offers would have to be available on the platform as soon as possible. It only took days from concept to first booking.”

Clive Wu, Sherry’s Shippers Association

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BlueX will save your company both time and money.