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Accurate Contract Rate Automation
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Why Join?

Want accurate contract rates, space availability, and schedules directly from Evergreen?

Want to digitally automate your Evergreen contract rates without delays?

BlueX is seeking shippers interested in streamlining their carrier contracts through our Rate Management System.

By signing up, you will be part of the first round of shippers to gain automated and digital access to your contract rates with Evergreen without the need to wait for contract rates to be manually filed.

What We Do

The ShipperX Rate Management System (RMS) gives shippers the capability to request their Evergreen contracts to be digitally available online, with complete accuracy.

Show your support and interest for the ShipperX RMS and join the new wave of digitally streamlined ocean shipping.

Benefits for Shippers

Save Time and Costs

Save costs and time by digitally booking and managing your freight directly with carriers


Digitally access your contracts rates directly from carriers with up-to-date accuracy

Faster Digital Bookings

Booking your cargo space and trade services in minutes, not days

Streamline Your Trade Services

Gain access to trade services through the BlueX FCP that each partner carrier provides


Automate contract rates without delays caused by manual input