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Be part of the new wave of carrier
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Why Join?

Want to get great rates and space for your ocean cargo?
Want to take advantage of services - insurance, customs, trucking - for your ocean cargo?

BlueX is seeking shippers that understand the importance of creating a new ecosystem based upon streamlining services through digitalization.

With your support as ambassadors of the shipping industry, we can help create more seamless booking capabilities and integrated trade services for shippers and freight forwarders.


What We Do

The BlueX white-label booking platform and Freight Commerce Platform (FCP) give ocean carriers the capabilities to create an integrated network.

Carriers can provide trade services that normally require dozens of 3PL services providers on one digital platform.

Benefits for Shippers

Save Time and Costs

Save costs and time by digitally booking and managing your freight directly with carriers

Online Quotes and Rates

Instantly search for rates directly from carriers without needing to wait

Faster Digital Bookings

Booking your cargo space and trade services in minutes, not days

Streamline Your Trade Services

Gain access to trade services through the BlueX FCP that each partner carrier provides

Global Freight Quotes and Booking

Find quotes and make bookings 365 days a year, 24/7
Case Study

Evergreen Line’s
GreenX Solution

Evergreen Line chose BlueX to kickstart their digitalization strategy. With a trade services network, Evergreen will be able to leverage a new ecosystem to offer services such as freight financing, trucking, cargo insurance, tracking, customs, and more. With over 2,000 customer signups already, GreenX has begun its head-start into digital transformation.

Join us to get other carriers on board as well.

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