Release Note 20190418-01

Date: 2019/04/18
Version: Production 20190418-01


● No.


Added IMO no. for EDI (#2116).
Add parties’s contact name and email in excel when exported pre-booking info. (#2209)
● Add POA recipient mail contact field.


Contents of Address, Privacy Policy and Contact Us are incorrect for on boarding mail template. (#2268)

Wording incorrect when edit agreement for on boarding. (#2244)

● Lack of contents when freight forwarder clicked NOT NOW button for on boarding process. (#2237)

HS code info disappear after saved as draft in SI. (#2232)
Can’t find the pre-booking order in freight forwarder portal. (#2230)
Can’t find the vessel when SA amend pre-booking. (#2219)
Lack of amend and cancel actions when booking order status is processing. (#2207)
Modified by info incorrect in booking list page. (#2155)
● Wording is not proper when cancel application form for on boarding process. (#2134)
● VGM application no. is disappear in SI order after amended SI. (#2089)
● Lack of tare weight unit when measurement choose Method 2 in VGM. (#1944)
● Wording incorrect when organization not assigned to a portal. (#1687)

Can’t submit pre-booking order when volume and weight over 9 digits. (#1528)